End-to-end baggage process
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Here at Single Digits, we've been cranking out new resources to help communities like yours step into the era of connected living. Check out these thoughtful resources to get you started!

Deliver The Connected Life Experience

The Connected Life Experience™

Power. Water. WiFi networks. Standard stuff, right? Yep. You need to have them, and they need to work in our ever-evolving technology-charged world. That’s the driving force behind The Connected Life Experience™ (CLE).

Create Your Next WiFi Experience

Smart technology is redefining “home” as we know it. It’s no longer just where the heart is; it’s a connected space that can be tailored to a person’s unique lifestyle, needs and preferences. Download our eBook and step into the era of connected living.

IoT & The Future of WiFi

Did you know, 65% of baby boomers surveyed say that smart home tech enhances the safety and security of a home. With new IoT devices showing up every day, can your 55+ community keep up?


Don't just improve WiFi network connectivity, future-proof it! We have the innovative, cost-effective solutions and 24/7/365 support you need to keep up with the connectivity demands of your community residents.